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More than 8,100 suspects were referred to police for criminal investigations for alleged law violations involving fishing last year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Thursday.

A nationwide special campaign launched by the ministry to fight law violations and irregularities in fishing last year resulted in nearly 9,800 illicit fishing vessels being banned from operation —an increase of more than 39 percent compared with the previous year —and confiscation of more than 550,000 illegal fishing tools such as nets with excessively small eyes that can catch tiny fish, Yu Kangzhen, vice-minister of agriculture and rural affairs, said at a news conference.

The law enforcement campaign followed a similar one conducted in 2017 but more intensified efforts were made last year, he said. Major law violations targeted included fishing in banned waters, fishing with unregistered boats or illicit tools, and fishing aquatic animals that are under protection.

During the campaign last year fishing administrations across China dealt with 34,500 fishing cases involving law violations and irregularities, with 27,000 suspects being investigated, including 8,132 referred to police for criminal investigations, an increase of 175 percent compared with 2017, he said.

Fishing authorities will continue the campaign this year, and will have more intensified law enforcement targeting various law violations and irregularities to protect fishing resources, environment and the safety and property rights of fishers, Yu said.


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