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Xiong Xiong, head of the subway station at People"s Square in Shanghai, delivers a speech on Jan 5. [Photo provided to]

Exemplary individuals who made great contributions to Shanghai"s reform and opening-up over the past 40 years shared their stories at Fudan University on Jan 5.

Co-organized by institutions including the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the event was designed to help young people understand the changes China had made in the past 40 years and to inspire them to build a better country in the new era.

Yu Yi, a retired Shanghai teacher who led a reform in primary education, recalled that there weren"t any playgrounds built at schools in Shanghai before the reform.

In 1985, the regulations for Shanghai compulsory education were released, making the city the first in the country where education funds are guaranteed by law.

"Today, almost every school in Shanghai is equipped with advanced educational facilities, due to the great reform and opening-up policies in China," said Yu.

Xiong Xiong, head of the subway station at People"s Square in Shanghai, said the biggest change for Shanghai"s metro system is the increasing number of public lavatories, from zero to more than 400.

In addition, more services are provided on Shanghai metro lines now, such as online service apps and music corners at some subway stations.

After listening to the speeches, students said they learned more about the development of China in the process of reform and opening-up, and will endeavor to link their own future and destiny with the nation"s, and to make contributions to a more prosperous and strong country.

Elementary education reform pioneer Yu Yi delivers a speech to students at Fudan University on Jan 5. [Photo provided to]
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