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John Kendrew from Britain receives TCM treatment at the Central Hospital of Wuhan on October 6. [Photo by Jian Jie/Provided to]

After receiving acupuncture treatment four times at the Central Hospital of Wuhan in Hubei province, John Kendrew no longer feels any pain in his knee.

Kendrew, a 46-year-old ecologist from North Yorkshire in Britain, has been suffering pain in his left knee for several years.

About one year ago, he learned about the traditional Chinese medicine by chance.

"It was a miraculous discovery, that the Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can treat illness," he said. "After more understanding of TCM, and also traditional Chinese culture, I wanted to experience it."

Kendrew soon arrived in Wuhan and sought help from the TCM department in the hospital.

After checking Kendrew carefully, Wen Chong, a department physician, made a treatment plan.

"During the process, Wen taught me more about Chinese culture and TCM, which I am really interested in," Kendrew said. "I have decided to travel around China over the next three months."

Before leaving, he gave the department a silk banner to show his gratitude.

"TCM is a precious heritage of China and has been making great contributions for the people," said Quan Yihong, hospital department director. "In recent years, more and more foreigners have gotten to know and trust it. We feel quite proud."

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